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Posted By: Rosie Chales
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 24 Jun 2023
Held on May 31st in the event room of our new location and complete with beautiful balloons, lovely table centerpieces, sweet agenda cards, a quotation game and best costume prizes, our Installation Board Dinner was absolutely amazing! 

Under the theme of “A New Year’s Day in May”, our chorus enjoyed delicious potluck dishes, warm sisterhood, joyful singing and many, many giggles!

The 2023 Spirit Award was also given during this event and its recipient is none other than Linda Hartnell, our awesome Lead Section Lead and talented singer who always dazzles us with her megawatt smile, her cheery disposition and her positive outlook on life! Please stay tuned for an update on the Honour Roll segment of our website which will come soon.

Our warmest thanks go to Kathy Boksman, one of our talented Bass singers, and her amazing team of helpers for organizing this unforgettable event. Her theme was an original and well-thought-out concept which brought on laughter and a great deal of fun!

Top PhotoMeet A Cappella Showcase’s 2023/2024 Board of Directors. L. to R.: Debbie Glenn, President; Tracey Bradford, Vice-President; Chris Mudge, Treasurer; Michelle Odendahl, Secretary; Kim Tanner, Membership Chair; Rosemarie (Rosie) Châles, PR and Marketing Chair; Jayne Staples, Committees Chair and Kathy Boksman, Social/Events Chair.

Bottom Left PhotoWe even had our own and very sweet Chef! Wilva Tasker, one of our lovely Baritone singers, served us scrumptious shrimp that she prepared with various and savoury sauces!

Bottom Right Photo Although many of our members wore very creative costumes, namely two jailbirds in prison garbs and holding their bail fund cups, a sun worshipper in Cabo, an adventurous New Year’s girl ready for her Polar Bear dip, and a movie star boasting a stunning and cheerful fuchsia boa, Dianne Wagstaff, one of our most entertaining Lead singers, had us all in stitches when she walked in with curlers in her hair, smudged make-up, different coloured slippers and rolled-down socks. She was a post-party mess and looked like she had quite the New Year’s Eve party because this is how she woke up the next morning!

(Photo credits: Top: Maria Kim; Bottom: Rosie Châles)