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Posted By: Rosie Chales
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Date Posted: Mon, 16 Jan 2023
What better way to start off the year than by celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of one of our most inspiring Youth Member? Although all of our singers achieve many of their goals, Sarah Patterson is a rising and shining star!

Born in the fall of 2004, Sarah is our Assistant Director’s youngest child and we can only imagine how much music and the joy of singing in harmony filled this happy household! Throughout their schooling years, Sarah excelled in a myriad of subjects and was the recipient of the Musician of the Year Award when they graduated Grade 8 in 2018. More recently, in June of 2022, they graduated from high school with an overall average of 92.9% and were the deserving recipient of these three amazing awards: Ontario Scholar; Highest Grade in Art and Highest Grade in History.

Sarah joined our chorus in January of 2018 at the young age of 13. Under the direction of our chorus director and his assistant, they worked hard and diligently learned their songs as a Bass singer, while excelling in school and holding a part-time job. Sarah attended every chorus rehearsal as well as the special ones organized for their section. Brimming with the passion of Barbershop singing, it wasn’t long before they joined Generations, an amazing ACS quartet who took 3rd Place at Area 5 AC&C in May of 2019 and no later than October of that same year, won the 1st place Women’s Quartet Award, Ontario District, BHS. Following two years of virtual rehearsals on Zoom caused by the worldwide pandemic we suffered, Generations came back with a bang and in May 2022, won the Most Improved Quartet and the First Place Quartet Awards at Area 5 AC&C. In October of 2022, Sarah was inducted into APOC as member of Generations (Association of Past Ontario Champions, Ontario District, BHS).

That’s not all, though. Sarah has also served on ACS’ Board of Directors as Chair of PR and Marketing (2021/2022) and in August of 2022, they participated in the BHS Harmony University Next Generation Program. When asked about their experience at HU, Sarah stated “My best moments were the Next Gen rehearsals. When I first looked at the schedule, I thought that two rehearsals a day would be too many, but it ended up not being enough. Spending time with the other folks in the Next Gen program was the most fun, at meals, in electives, in between classes, and in classes. Those people really made HU the fantastic experience it was.

One of Sarah’s most impressive achievements in the world of Barbershop singing was when they were recognized as Harmony, Inc’s Youth Member of the Year in November of 2022 at the IC&C held in Verona, NY.

In addition to the passion they have for singing, Sarah loves cats and you can often find them sitting silently with a book. Moving forward, they have applied to study psychology and are considering taking a minor in something more artistic to contrast the heavy academics of the major. 

Bringing youthful joy to our chorus while contributing to its healthful growth and success, Sarah is a treasure to A Cappella Showcase, to Area 5 and to Harmony, Inc., and serves as an incredible inspiration to all of our members. Our chorus is extremely proud of Sarah and can’t wait to see where their many endeavors will take them. Warmest and heartfelt congratulations, Sarah, from your riser buddies. Keep on shining!

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